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Facilitate creativity and innovation with a 4-day, perfectly setup, design sprint.

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  • Your audience has a problem you want to solve?
  • You don’t know what your product’s next big feature should be?
  • You’re looking to expand to new audiences but you don’t where to start?

we’ve got this.

What is a Design Sprint?

A 4-day design sprint is the perfect setup to bring together your key team members, their skills, and our facilitation to:


Discover and understand the facets of the problem you’re looking to solve


Ideate on the various approaches to solve the problem


Decide on one approach to test, based on hypothesis design


Create a tappable prototype with our Product Designers


Validate with users and test its effectiveness

How can a design sprint
help you?

  • Unlock the power of teamwork through rapid prototyping techniques and user validated decision making
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Build empathy with your end users
  • Break down the problem, fast!
  • Gain alignment within your team
  • Break the circle of debate around the next best feature or the next MVP to test
  • Reduce the risk in building features or products your users don’t want or need
  • Gain time and build a better product mid- and long-term
  • Save budget through early product testing

When TO DO
a Design Sprint

  • You are stuck on “keeping the lights on” or struggling to make progress towards your product vision
  • Maintaining your core products is taking all the resources available
  • You are focused on growing the team, and you want to get some preparation work done before the new team members are up to speed
  • You are struggling to find common ground within teams or on how to define the right measurement metrics
  • Your customers and users are telling you “You have grown too fast, we are not seeing the same innovation happening anymore”

a Design Sprint

  • You don’t have enough insights in the problem you’re trying to solve or the audience you’re trying to reach
  • You can’t commit to dedicating your people to participate in a 4-day workshop. Making sure we have the right people in the room, is a crucial part of a design sprint

Is a design sprint exactly what your team needs right now?

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How we organise a design sprint

When you want to set up your design sprint for success, we’ve got a plan for all three phases:

1. Getting you ready for
the design sprint

A design sprint starts before everyone involved gets together in a (digital) meeting room. We’ll guide you through a preparation phase that can take 2 to 4 weeks, where we’ll help you prepare the people, the research, and the user testing, as you need it. Together we will:

  • Define the product-wide problem you want to address and set the goals for your sprint
  • Make sure you have the right team members participating in the sprint workshop
  • Make sure you have the right insights or research collected beforehand. A starting list could include:
    • Market size statistics
    • Competitor analysis (e.g. SWOT analysis)
    • Product analytics
    • User feedback
    • User interviews
    • User Personas
  • Define a range of approaches for the prototype user testing phase (source a shortlist of around 7-15 users you’ll test your prototype with or let us help you).

2. The main event:
the design sprint

Day 1: Understand and select

We’ll work together to define the problem we’re looking to solve and generate ideas that might help us solve it. At the end of the day, we’ll select one solution to work on.

Day 2: Define the core hypothesis and evaluation metrics

We know what we want to work on, so now it’s time to define how we’re measuring success. Together, we’ll define the core hypothesis and choose the metric(s) that will help us realise if we’ve built something good or not.

Day 3: Design and prototype

Time to get our hands dirty! We’ll work together to design and prototype a simple representation of our solution. It’s important to remember we’re not trying to build something pretty, but something to help us test our hypothesis.

Day 4: Validate and learn

The last day is used to test the prototype and gather insights. By the end of the day, after we process the user feedback, we will be able to (in)validate our hypothesis and gain feedback that will help further refine the prototype.

3. After the design sprint

While design sprints are a great environment to foster innovation and collaboration, channeling that energy towards building on your selected solution is where the real value waits. In this phase we can support you in a range of ways:

  • Help you analyse the user feedback and turn it into actionable design changes (and provide a user research report if you need this for your internal stakeholders).
  • Take on adjusting the prototype based on the gathered user feedback
  • Develop your prototype and implement it as part of your product or a standalone app
  • Inform your budget planning and resource allocation
  • Continue testing with real users (or new users/audiences)

Ready to plan your design sprint?

We’re happy to guide you towards the best follow-up plan that suits you.

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Why choose The App Scout?

When you ask clients that have worked with us what they appreciate the most, some will mention the quality of design and code, some the ease in which we collaborate.

However, what they all mention - every single one of them - is that they appreciate having a product partner that challenged them to make the best version of their product and become aware of their market.

Challenge your expectations and worldviews

When we take on the facilitation of a design sprint, we do more than open up conversations about your product. We help you challenge your own expectations and worldviews in a productive way, so you can make the most of the discovery process.

Fresh product eyes

When you think about and work on the same product day in and day out, it can be hard to take the data you have, take a step back and look for new insights. Our senior product designers come in with fresh product eyes and ask the right questions to help you see your product’s potential in a new light.

Experienced facilitators to hold the room and process

The best conversations happen when you have experienced facilitators holding the room and the process. You don’t have to worry about who does what or who has been contributing how. You and your team can focus on being present, focusing on the problem and solving it.

Cut through tension with facilitation from a neutral position

When you’re looking for new solutions, sometimes (departmental) KPIs can get in the way. An active approach from a neutral and external position can cut through the tension that shows up when any team talks about change. Fostering a constructive, curious and challenging environment can encourage conversations that help your team move forward.


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Design sprints are a low-cost, low-risk environment to make evidence-based decisions. Set yourself up to build a better product, understand your users more deeply and uncover untapped potential. Get in touch and let’s plan your design sprint today.

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