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A mobile application built for facilitating soccer players to kick start their careers irrespective of their age. From finding a spot on the team, nurturing their talent, and helping the organizations find the right players, LEMANPRO was developed to do it all.

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kornhole kings

The anti-diet nutrition app.

iOS & Android Wellness USA

The client’s inspiration from cornhole was simulated in the game, demanding fun, strategies, and interaction embedded in its core as a personal touch. The team provided as per the demand causing generous downloads.

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Go Mentor

With an idea to bridge the gap in the facilitation of student-centered education in collaboration with mentors, the project was put into work and is now gaining the attention of multiple in a span of six months.

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Your Wish On

Have you ever experienced anxiety when posting on social media? Recently, there have been some significant changes in the eCommerce environment. Online shopping was already gaining traction and surpassing conventional methods of shopping. This trend notably accelerated during the Covid, when most people were confined to their homes and online shopping demand increased.

Creating a platform that makes shopping easier is a difficult task. Still, despite the short turnaround time, we accepted the project. See how we did it and enabled the shopper to have a smooth experience.

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In the short time since their business launched, Rideo experienced tremendous growth. A group of developers saw an opportunity to benefit from this relatively recent tourism industry growth.

According to market research, a few well-known brands have already dominated this niche. The team, however, was confident that the sector held a lot of promise. This platform has increased competition in the tourism sector, as other ride-hailing apps have started focusing on giving captains a larger share of their earnings. The app's creator enhanced Rideo's growth and statewide business expansion.

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Tamkeen Care

Tamkeen Care is the first clean technology maintenance company in Saudi Arabia. They aim to get technical equipment working properly and continuously because it is essential to daily living - To maintain the electronics operating at their best, they aim to provide repair and preventative maintenance services.

Learn how we assisted Tamkeen Care in developing an application and a website that offers convenient, scheduled repair service to its online store customer with fewer efforts.

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Ban Trophy

Ban Trophy Hunting, a nonprofit organization committed to ending the practice of trophy hunting, approached Tgit to develop a mobile application that supports their mission. The App Scout team worked closely with the Ban Trophy Hunting team to understand their specific needs and goals for the app. Through a collaborative design process, we created a user-friendly interface that effectively communicates important information about the impact of trophy hunting and ways to get involved in the movement to end it. Our team also developed a variety of features, including a news feed, a petition feature, and a map of hunting hotspots, to engage users and encourage them to take action. The final product exceeded the client's expectations, and they have seen a significant increase in engagement and activism within their community since launching the app. The App Scout is proud to have played a part in Ban Trophy Hunting's mission and looks forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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Bidit, a delivery parcel service that allows customers to compare prices and services from multiple carriers, approached The App Founders with the goal of developing a mobile application to enhance their user experience. The App Scout team worked closely with Bidit to understand their needs and create a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customers to search for the best delivery options. Our team developed an intuitive search function that allows users to compare prices and services from multiple carriers and filter results based on their preferences. The app also includes a feature that allows customers to negotiate prices with carriers and make a decision that best fits their schedule and budget. Our team also designed an easy-to-use parcel details entry system that makes it simple for customers to schedule their deliveries. The final product exceeded Bidit's expectations, and they have seen a significant increase in customer engagement and satisfaction since launching the app. The App Scout is proud to have played a part in Bidit's success and looks forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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Daja Transport

Daja Transport, a logistics company on a mission to revolutionize transportation solutions for businesses, teamed up with The App Scout to create a game-changing mobile app. Together, we worked hand-in-hand to understand Daja Transport's unique needs and design an app that's user-friendly, easy to navigate and makes tracking shipments, scheduling pickups, and receiving real-time updates on deliveries a breeze for their clients.

Our team went above and beyond by implementing an automated dispatch system, an interactive map for real-time tracking, and a rating system for drivers, all aimed at streamlining operations and providing top-notch service to Daja Transport's clients.

The final product exceeded expectations, and the results speak for themselves - customer satisfaction and retention have skyrocketed since the app's launch! The App Scout is honored to have played a key role in Daja Transport's success, and we're excited to continue working with them in the future. This is the future of logistics!

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The App Scout was approached by Fixx, an all-in-one home services platform, with the goal of developing a mobile application that would streamline the process of accessing their services. The App Scout team worked closely with Fixx to design an intuitive user interface that allows customers to easily browse and book services, view real-time updates on the status of their requests, and provide feedback on their experience with the service provider. Additionally, a variety of features, such as a booking calendar, appointment scheduling system, and integrated payment system, were developed to enhance the customer experience. The final product exceeded Fixx's expectations, resulting in increased customer engagement and repeat business since its launch. The App Scout is proud to have played a role in Fixx's success and looks forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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When Radiance approached "The App Scout" for a mobile application, they had a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish. As a self-improvement platform, Radiance wanted to provide users with the resources they needed to develop positive habits, set and achieve their desired goals, and overcome physical challenges or mental stress.

The App Scout team knew that creating a user-friendly interface and seamless experience would be key to the success of the Radiance app. We worked closely with Radiance to understand their needs and goals for the app and used this information to create a personalized application that would meet the needs of the end user.

The Radiance app offers a range of features, including the ability to choose focus areas and set life purpose or goals, daily reminders and positive affirmations, and scheduled meetings with mentors or counselors. This personalized approach allows users to achieve the level of satisfaction they desire, backed by data and insights that help them bring positive changes to their lives.

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The client wanted to see us create something more exciting but less time-consuming. So we made Bally! A simple game but a difficult task. Try it out with Bally to know if you have what it takes to surpass your best score!

The client was super-specific in their requests, so we spent several days creating a prototype they loved. We managed to keep the client in the loop during the development process - they stay updated with the recent developments. All-in-all, it was a simple yet fun project to take on board; See how we functioned throughout the entire process.

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