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Over the past decade, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. Technological advancements related to smartphone development have led to a surge in the number of available apps for mobile use. Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, and if there isn’t, someone out there is working on planning one now.

If time to launch is a pressing issue for you and you only want to deal with one code base, reduce your development time and reduce your product budget to launch faster on both platforms, then cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter, NativeScript, or Xamarin can be considered.

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The React Native development framework is clearly the strongest alternative we have now for native mobile development. Choosing between native and cross-platform development depends on many factors, but if you start with a small budget and need to launch for Android and iOS devices relatively fast, React Native development can be a solid solution to develop certain mobile products.

At The App Scout, we chose to specialise in React Native app development, as we believe that this JavaScript framework offers the best capabilities for coding your mobile product for both iOS and Android from a single code base. Coming from a very strong native app development experience, our skilled React Native developers are capable to build cross-platform mobile applications that look and feel native.

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Fitness Fitness Fitness
E-Commerce E-Commerce E-Commerce
Banking Banking Banking
Restaurants Restaurants Restaurants
Education Education Education
Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare
Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate
Travel Travel Travel
Finance Finance Finance
Logistics Logistics Logistics
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Why choose React Native for your next mobile app?

Smaller dev teams, smaller budgets

React Native app development requires a unique team of JavaScript developers who can write a single code that will be deployed for both platforms, thus leading to faster overall development times. Developing a single code base for both platforms can prove more cost-effective for front-end development compared to native app development.

Shortened app development time

One of the biggest selling points of cross-platform frameworks such as React Native is the shorter development time. React Native developers have access to various ready-to-apply components to accelerate the app development process, compared to building two native apps, one on iOS and another one on Android.

Hot reloading

React Native developers use a Virtual DOM, which allows a mobile app to keep running while changes and UI tweaks are being implemented. This saves clients a lot of time and keeps the mobile app running while changes are made.

A smoother development process

The React Native framework employs declarative programming, which eliminates the need for creating action sequences in mobile applications. This makes it much easier to detect bugs along the user path, especially if you use a state management system like Redux.

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React Native Tech Lead

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Răzvan L.

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