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Investing in a mobile product is a serious decision that will impact your future, both financially and as a lifestyle. And when you want to build a business around an app, you need more than app development and mobile designs. You need a full product team that will be there to build a solid product and to help you grow it, taking the right tech decisions along the way.

What sets our team apart is that we focus on helping founders and product innovators create a successful digital business, not simply on having a product coded.

In over 6 years of building mobile apps, we’ve found out that coding is the easy bit, but building the right thing in the right way is the hard thing. We’ve specialised in the latter and empower entrepreneurs who want to build world-changing mobile products.

Think of us as your highly skilled product development squad that you didn’t think you could afford.

Our mobile tech stack

Development solutions fit for founders’ needs

Native iOS app development

With Swift as the tech of choice for native development on iOS, we’re specialised in coding apps that not only work but can also be scaled fast. Backed by a mature and robust community of developers around the world, Swift is a reliable programming language for developing native iOS products, providing the best possible performance and all the options in terms of user experience.

You should consider building a native app for iOS when:

  • Your users expect great performance and top-class UX from your app
  • You want to build a solid foundation for scalability
  • You use heavily the phone’s embedded hardware, like sensors & trackers
  • Your product is monetised through subscriptions or in-app payments instead of ad placements

Native Android app development

Our team of Android mobile developers uses Kotlin when building native apps for Android devices. Kotlin is one of the official Android languages, backed by Google and supported by an active community and with in-depth documentation.

You should choose a native Android app when

  • People in your audience use Android devices and they expect the best performance and user experience
  • You want to build a great foundation for product scaling
  • You build an app where you need precise control over the phone’s embedded functionality at the OS level

React Native app development

When you want to deal only with one code base but still reach both iOS and Android users, our technology of choice is React Native, as a cross-platform solution. Though a native implementation is still king in the
majority of contexts, React Native is the best alternative for building some mobile apps (possibly) faster and without investing in too much code infrastructure from the start.

We recommend going for a cross-platform product when:

  • You want to launch an app fast & test it with both Android and iOS users
  • Your want to invest wisely in validate-first, build scalable later
  • You build a simple, functional product where the responsiveness and interactivity of the experience are not essential or tackle use cases where “offline” usage is not key.

Flutter mobile app development

We recommend Flutter as an alternative cross-platform solution when you need to launch something fast into the market, using a technology framework that gives you a good head start, with its ready-to-go widgets. The main concern here remains the fact that being a young technology, the community is smaller and the ecosystem still has a bit of maturing to do.

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The elements of great mobile app development

After building over 100 mobile apps along the years, we know what works and what doesn’t. We also know that building a successful mobile product requires juggling with three areas of constraints: product and tech requirements, your budget, and your deadlines.

Over the years we’ve got really good at making all these three areas work together and have become recognised as a top product studio in Europe.

Strategy and definition

We’ll help you build your mobile development strategy around your targeted audience, business goals and value proposition.

Tailored services

We’ll make sure you choose the best tech solution for your business needs, whether it’s a native or a cross-platform one.

Creative touch

Our skilled designers team will craft a modern and clean interface and ensure a frictionless user experience

Long-term assistance

We’ll make sure your app is up to date with the latest OS updates while leveraging cutting-edge technologies and capabilities.

End to end development

Our in-house development team will build your product from scratch, exclusively for you, working as your own highly skilled dev team.

World-wide coverage

We can help you build and launch your product for multiple platforms, with all the components, in multiple languages, to reach any targeted market.

Some projects we’ve done


Multi-million user base GIF keyboard app that allows users to choose from millions of emotionally tagged GIFs. Users can text, tweet or email them straight from their keyboards.

View case study

Dine Market

Mobile marketplace for food and beverages. Custom filtering tags for quick navigation, easy to use shopping cart and 24/7 in-app customer support.

USA Retail iOS & Android
View case study

Palate Wizards

Native mobile app giving retailers a great tool to better understand their customers, while allowing their customers to find the perfect drink on the go.

iOS & Android Retail USA
View case study


On-demand laundry & dry-cleaning service in New York, managed straight from the phone, allowing the user full control over the order - with minimum effort and maximum speed.

USA On-demand Delivery iOS & Android
View case study
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